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Directions and Dominoes

March 13, 2018

I have got stuck on Askowl-Adze. Most Unity3d applications and libraries are from within the editor. Not so for advertising networks. For obvious reasons, they are platform specific. You can't even be sure they will work on an emulator. Developing Askowl-Adze presents two problems.


  1. Every test, no matter how trivial, involves a build for a native platform supported by the advertising network. It takes a few minutes for the emulator and possibly twice that to deploy on a device. And because each system has incompatible interfaces, finding the correct pattern requires a lot of test builds.

  2. Since we are writing in C# and testing in a native platform language, any debugging is bound to be challenging. In most cases adding `Debug.Log` statements provide the best results. And this means more builds.

Currently, I have implemented for Appodeal, Admob, Chartboost and Unity. I am stuck on Admob reward ads. It never triggers callbacks even though all is good for interstitial advertisements.


You can read the documention on Askowl-Adze from the link.





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