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February 20, 2018

So, I have released a couple of games. How to get them known. They don't have anything unique enough to attract interest. And some of the reskins I have bought to be part of DDL are hardly reskinned at all with just a change in the colour of the main character.


So, one brick back. Work on the basics of DDL. After some research, I decided on using Firebase for the server side. I feel the need to decouple the interface so I can change my mind later. That is two bricks back. I wrote a small decoupler package. One step forward. Decoupling existing packages makes them easier to use. Two steps ahead. Decoupling also allows me to release on Unity Store. That's three bricks.


While decoupling some packages, I realised that I don't always remember how to use the systems I have written. One brick back. I read a newsletter sent by He suggested that rather than keep the code to ourselves we should publish it on the Unity Store and perhaps make a little money for it. Great idea - and gives me the incentive to decouple the code correctly, write tests and full documentation. One huge brick back. As I finish each package, I know I have a system I can use again and again with confidence. One step forward. That is one brick for each Unity package. That will put me eight blocks up and well ahead of the game. 


I need to run them in before I release on the Unity Store, but as a teaser, here is a list.



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